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The hardest question in a job interview

hardest question
hardest question

The hardest question in a job interview
The job seekers are usually prepared for the interview. And that’s why they anticipate their answers to common questions. No clutch, Bernard Marr asks, an influencer of LinkedIn, “what about the questions that are not common?”
And mentions that a question is already being done regularly, but for which few people are prepared is: “Tell me something nobody knows about you” . And to answer it in an appropriate way, it would be a good way to emerge victorious from the interview.

What does the recruiter with this question?

Marr recognizes that each recruiter has his style, but what they might look to this question is:
How you organize your thoughts. Are You connect your ideas linearly or you do it for parts?
Because it is an uncommon question, the interviewer is looking away from conventional responses and tested to see your true self. The answer to this question could say a lot about you, will you talk about your job, your family, your hobbies?

Can you answer this question by relating it to something of your previous jobs or skills?

You might say something you should not . Maybe you fall into the trap and tell something you should not, that might make you question whether you’re fit for the job.

How should you respond?

As with other conventional questions, it is important to think about the answer, but not memorize it word for word, one skilled interviewer will notice immediately.
What Marr recommends is that, given that this is an open question, the answer is an opportunity to mention the skills you want to highlight on your resume. For example, if you want to emphasize your organizational skills, tells the story of how you organized an event to raise funds or you were president of a club in particular in college. Or any story that highlights the skill.

You can also use this answer to discuss the skills that complement your curriculum, to talk about your character or why you want the job.

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