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The highest paid freelance jobs in United States

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The highest paid freelance jobs in United States
With high unemployment and competitive job market, many professionals from various industries are finding lucrative opportunities for self-employment. Depending on your area of ??expertise, you may be a candidate for one of the highest paid self-employment jobs in the United States these days.

Careers in internet

Since the creation of the Internet, more jobs are available online and many of them can be done from the comfort of your home. According to AdWhirl report, if you are able to create free apps for iPhone you can earn US $ 400 and US $ 5,000 per day. The writers, authors and enthusiasts social media can turn your skills and hobbies into lucrative careers too. According to the web site Read Write -at time of publicación– bloggers highest level marketers articles and consultants social media can earn up to $ 1,750 per month part time or $ 40,000 per year per time completely. When grouped with the writers of prose, screenplays, poetry and theater scripts, the Two-Approach Job Search Guide (Guide dual job search approach) estimated salaries ranging from $ 52,000 to $ 120,000 per year.

Dental Careers

Some of the most lucrative freelance jobs in the United States today include various odontological occupations. In 2008, Publications list listed several dental work in its compilation of “The 25 Best-Paying Jobs for Self-Employed Workers” (The 25 best paying jobs for workers on their own). According to Article 39.6 percent of orthodontists, 15.7 percent of dentists and oral surgeons, and 38.2 percent of prosthetists were self-employed at the time of publication and all earned over US $ 145,600 year. At the same time, about 30.7 percent of general dentists were self-employed and earned an average of US $ 125,300.

Medical Professionals

If you are in the medical profession can have a comfortable life as a service provider for themselves. Nearly 20 percent of podiatrists are self-employed and earn more than $ 100,000 per year. About 27.4 percent of optometrists working for themselves and earn an average annual salary of US $ 88,040. Almost half of chiropractors in the United States, working outside private practice and earn around US $ 67,200, and clinical psychologists typically earn about US $ 57,170 and 38.2 percent are self-employed.

Financial experts

People with professional experience in various types of financial fields can also find opportunities for profitable self-employment. Jist Publishing estimated that 12.5 percent of US sales and agents of financial services and securities and commodities consultants were self-employed and earned an average annual salary of about US $ 67,130 in 2008. More than half of all the realtors in the country –59.9 percent– were earning US $ 57,190 per year during that period. Personal financial advisors earn around US $ 63,500 and 38.9 percent of them are unemployed.

Professional and executive positions

Certain professions and executive positions are some of the jobs paid better self-employment in the United States today. More than 16 percent of CEOs are self-employed and earn an average of US $ 142,400 per year. The same estimates are valid for executive services for the government. The lawyers are earning an average of US $ 98,930 and approximately 24.1 percent of them have private practices. About 24.7 percent of management analysts and 19.9 percent of network systems and data communications analysts are self-employed and earn more than US $ 61,000 per year salary.

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