The jobs will demand more in 2015 Want to find work


The jobs will demand more in 2015 Want to find work
Pay attention, this is what I look for companies
According to studies and surveys that have been made ??for the year 2015, then I show the eight jobs that most demand this year will just entering 2015.

1. Expert in Marketing

Companies are knowledge on the importance, increasingly, Department of Marketing, and they know that if they want to survive in the future will have to invest more and more about him. For this reason, the demand for these professionals has increased by 10%, with an annual salary of around 100,000 euros.

2. Software Developer

In recent years this work is becoming increasingly important, having grown 15% over the last five years, although the pay is not as high as in the previous case.

3. Nurse

Increased life expectancy and the growing number of people are responsible for the largest number of medical professionals needed. In the last 5 years, demand has increased by 5% and the annual salary hovering around 55,000 euros.

4. Industrial Engineer

It is claimed that these professionals will play the most important role in the economy of the future. In addition, it is one of the best paid professions worldwide, with an annual salary of 67,000.

5. Expert systems

Their demand has increased by 7% and annual salary hovers around 61,000 euros.

6. Web Developer

Its growth has been 17% and the salary is 48,000 euros.

7. Manager medical and health

For the same reasons that nursing has become a sought after profession among companies, having experienced a growth of 6% and an average salary of 75,000 euros.

8. Physiotherapist

The growth in demand is quite substantial, with 10%, and with an annual salary that is around 75,000 euros.

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