The Top Paying IT Jobs

IT is an industry that continues to go from strength to strength. Having certain technical skills and knowledge allows you to command a higher salary than other industries where available job candidates out-number available opportunities. Below we identify the top 5 IT jobs and associated salaries.

1. Chief Information Officer

This role is a senior executive position and involves being responsible for all aspects of a company’s information technology and computer systems. A CIO provides leadership and makes key decisions on how to make the systems in the company more effective for the business goals.

A Chief Information Officer gets paid an average of £75,000 with a high salary being around £80,000.

2. IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers job activities can change each day depending on what stage of the project the business is at. The project manager meets with executives to identify the business objectives and how the project will contribute towards them. With new technology being developed constantly, the project manager needs to analyse the business’s current systems and organise upgrades for improvements to the systems.

An IT Project Manager gets paid an average of £58,000 with a high salary being £78,000.

3. Business Systems Analyst

A Business Systems Analyst solves organizations information problems. This is done through checking requirements followed by recommending protocols and system controls. Business systems analysts duties vary depending on the needs of the particular business. However, this job does involve consistent researching for new practices and design modifications to ensure the maintenance of systems are correct or could be updated.

A Business Systems Analyst is paid an average of £51,000 with a high salary being £63,000.

4. Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is involved with most aspects of a software product. This IT job can involve working with the design and creation through to the implementation, guidance and support. Creating software which will help business functions is an important part of a software engineer’s role. This position also includes contributing to the software training for the employees in the business in order for it to be used effectively.

A Software Engineer is paid an average of £48,000 with a high salary being £63,000.

5. Web Developer

IT jobs in Web Development involve many different activities from designing a website through to the maintenance. A web developer needs to listen to the requirements of their client so that the web pages and applications meet the specifications. The main target for a web developer is making the information on a website as appealing and accessible as possible. However, the developer may specialise in a certain area meaning their smaller targets and goals may vary due to their field.

A Web Developer is paid an average of £43,000 with a high salary of £53,000.

During an individuals IT job search, they will come across many different roles in the industry. Narrowing down a job search for relevant skills and specific experience can take time. One option in a job search is using recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies will match the most appropriate candidates with jobs that are best suited to their skills and experience. This means the Consultants will use their contacts to get the best job opportunities for their candidates.

J Wilson has worked with a number of recruitment agencies across a broad range of industries. He is currently working a project helping candidates in their job search for IT jobs.

By James J Wilson