The true meaning of the questions in the job interview

The true meaning of the questions in the job interview
A few weeks ago I saw a television program in which told the story of Tomas Carlovich, the Trinche , an Argentine footballer with amazing abilities to become one of the best players in history, and, when asked why would be his meteoric career, explained that looked fishing, relaxed. No keep awake the end of the story, but I use this introduction to place it in a fairly common within the context job interviews, when asked the candidate the following:

1. How do you see yourself in five years?

This simple question, carries intrinsic three keys that enable people to HR have an x-ray of the candidate on several important points.

a) Improvisation makes most natural candidate .

To prepare for job interview, both professional who is facing a first, as those who carry on their backs more baggage, fit a script, aware that it is the best way to avoid mistakes. This action is common and positive, for the preparation of the job interview is a factor that decreases the chances of making a mistake.

HR professionals also throw questions, however, to study the candidate in situations that provide natural, and that’s where examples of vivid cases ask for candidates to be displayed as they really are, because it is more difficult to keep cooked issues Type: How do you see yourself in five years? What is the first thing you would do if you hired?

b) Capacity development .

Companies always want to attract talented professionals who are prepared to have an evolution within the company. Often the candidates talk about a future outside the company, indicating that the person is registered in the selection process has done to try, and not really motivated by open selection process. There is no certainty as to whether a person is willing to take an evolution associated with the company, so we made ​​tentative questions. Theirs is the candidate shows a predisposition to grow within the company.

c) analyzes the environment and understands .

In the selection process for positions aspirational -Jobs offering for professional growth, such a journalist can reach half a scholarship, passes writer, editor, section chief, etc, those able to understand the labor reality in which they operate show a capacity analysis that is highly valued by those responsible for analyzing the candidate.

Using a simple example, we can say that if a new graduate is within five years as a senior, project maturity and greater understanding than those who dreams of becoming a department head in that short space of time.

The question of the five years is the most common, and allows you to see how the candidate develops in the process of open jobs, but job interview has other questions which are also released by Human Resources to learn even more candidates. They are issues that are not reflected in the curriculum vitae and offer better radiography people attending the interview.

2. Do you have mobility?

It is a requirement that appears in explaining labor supply, but professionals in the area of ​​Human Resources can re-ask this in the interview. This section, which are waiting for are the conditions that bring the respondents to accept or reject the offer and their willingness to accept such mobility. At first, everyone is willing to accept a job offer in which provision is demand for mobility, but then, is to see the way in which the person will adapt to these new scenarios.

Must be investigated through peers or people who are performing similar functions, and knowing what they demand for their availability. There are employment positions, such as HR director of a major supermarket line, it will be a place with great mobility. It is intrinsic to the post, the candidate must know, so you can not ask for a pay additional higher.

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3. What salary you expect to receive in this job?

“Internet facilitates the right information at the right time and for the right purpose,” said Bill Gates, an explanation should be used to know what the salary range to be requested in the job interview. For people who come to a first job, it is best to investigate what salary range exists in similar positions who are opting. Typically, people who have work experience, and know in advance what wages they move within their professional niche are. Surely there are studies on salary bands online, and everyone has an acquaintance who can tell you about how is the market wage.

It is important to act honestly, because for those HR is easy to detect when lying, and also can become counterproductive.

If a candidate explains that moves around 30,000 euros, excessively raising its target, and the post to which a candidate they plan to offer 30,000, professional fit, but with very little room for improvement, so that would be discarded immediately by another with expectations of 26,000 which may have a higher wage path.

There is only one situation in which the candidate must leave the roof of the company’s salary to which it aspires, situations in which it is aware that in your current job has a lower salary than his due.

Returning to the story with which I began this rostrum, I remember there was a phrase that impressed me, coming from a professional with that projection, and was the sincerity with which he explained his absence in their single call to Argentina. The Trinche ‘d rather go fishing, and despite that, the enthusiasm for each party Carlovich was spectacular. Sincerity in the response, it is the best advice.

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