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The worst lies in the curriculums

lies in the curriculums
lies in the curriculums

The worst (and views) lies in the curriculums – ( The worst lies in the curriculums )
All we ever exaggerated something in the curriculum or know someone who has. The result? Sooner or later you’ll end up catching, that is.

Play and lying about knowledge or skills that we possess not going anywhere because there will be demonstrated if finally give us the position. made ​​this good compilation of the worst, yet more views, in CVs.

1. The languages
​​Eternal slope of the Spanish/french/german task: English. And in general, languages. So do not hesitate to fatten our curriculum with a medium-high level when in fact we have no idea. The problem comes when we have to justify it with a title, or if we face a conversation in English where our weaknesses are detected quickly.

2. Computer Skills
As with the English tend to fill our user experience with computer. Unfortunately, knowing crop a photo in Photoshop is not the same as knowing illustration, and be able to write a text and save it does not make us data recorders, and that will instantly if we undergo a test.

3. Exaggeration our features
If one takes a look at some curricula, it seems that in Spain there are no employees, only heads or managers. You know, manage teams, when we worked closely with a group of two people; image design, by noting what is the color that best fits to the page of the company; recruiter for having plugged into our brother …

4. Remove past employment
With this we mean a job trying to hide the failure of a project or inappropriate exiting, to fear they may ask for references to that firm.

5. degree
Possession of a bachelor’s or master is easily verifiable, so it is useless to try to think the interviewer that have finished a race when it’s not true.

6. Work Experience
The more work we present in the curriculum, the less likely that the coach pick up the phone to search for references. So, we loaded the list, and incidentally, fantasize a little. Be careful, because a couple of lines can derail a full application.

7. Use the “self-employment” to camouflage unemployment periods
Often, the hypothetical works as a freelance are used to fill those gaps, since verification is much more complicated.

8. Companies in which it has never worked
may seem crazy, but up to 18% of survey participants have recognized Career Building invented jobs.

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