Three current myths about business success

Myths always arise in history have been dismantled some, and others have proven to be true.

Now, there are different myths that many believe, but they really are lying. Even some can be both, depending on the perspective from which it is viewed.

1. Nothing happens if you fail

Steve Jobs speech at Stanford University has helped us a lot to motivate us. And the former CEO of Apple is a role model for many. Jobs, despite his failures, managed to achieve success, and that makes many people who have failed, continue to have courage to fight for their goals. What happens is that if you do not learn anything from your failures, will come to naught.

Of course things happen if you fail, you will definitely lose money, your self look damaged, and your desire to re-start will be delayed. What you have to do is learn from failures, if you ever make the same mistakes will not help. You have to take every failure as a lesson, because if you keep doing the same thing, you will not get new results.

2. Good ideas always succeed

It is true that a good idea is easier to succeed than bad, but true, is obvious. What happens is that good ideas are not always seen as well. Indeed, Mark Twain said, “A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.” Therefore, we must learn how to sell ideas. Not only matter content, also the packaging.

3. Young people are not suitable for management positions

“How are we going to put a young man fresh out of the race to lead a team?” We hear that question a million times in work environments. And why not?

It is understandable that companies already have a working structure, want to persons familiar with the system, but if you like to innovate? Why not choose to youth? There are people and young children who are just as responsible (or even more) than some adults. Do not underestimate the “graduates”, because they can surprise you.

Young people are not as influenced by power or “dark side” of companies, therefore, can be very useful to lead new projects. This will ensure that they are not influenced by previous work, for new projects, best minds “unused”.