Three Steps to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

There are three steps to this method and this method should be guaranteed to win back the one you love, unfortunately this is not fool proof, some wounds can simply not be healed. But you are welcome to try and these steps should aid and facilitate any healing that the relationship requires.

Step one; if you have any contact with your ex break it off now, for now at least, if you are still in contact with him he will probably begin to think of you as a backup. If anything he tries to do goes badly you will be there to catch him, he may begin to think of you as his safety net, if you break off communication he will begin to worry that he has lost you for good. This will never happen if you keep talking to him, and don’t be worried that you are giving him too much space to meet another person, this is a way to make him realise he isn’t compatible with anyone else and brings him back to you.

Give it time to sink in, and he needs to be worried, before you can be ready to swoop back in and save him. If you see him you must avoid him in an obvious way, he must think you have moved on, a man wants nothing more than the thing he cannot have.

Step two; find or figure out why you lost your ex in the first place. Try and change those little things that made him run away and make yourself more compatible with him. When he sees the new you, he will grovel to come back. It is important to note however that you shouldn’t change who you are. As this will change again when the relationship gets going again, but change little things, reign in your disapproval and be supportive.Boyfriend back

Change anything that you changed about yourself from the person he fell for, maybe from too much work or a busy schedule, back to the woman he loved. Make a list, the reasons you came apart, the reasons you want to get back together see what you can improve and see whether the differences between you are too great to overcome.Step three; now you have made the required changes ask them to meet up with you. Somewhere informal, where they won’t need to commit, somewhere they can run away or make an exit if the situation requires it. It is here you can come together naturally; talk about interests and converse about things that don’t matter. Seeing how you are now will make them rethink the break up and start to think if it wasn’t a mistake to break up at all, it may seem long winded, but if you’re truly serious about saving that relationship you will put in the time and you can carry on your lives together.
By Maryam Latif