Tips and advice for safe winter holiday

Come the winter holidays, in many cases ideal for getting the whole family in the car and take the path up to a beautiful place of recreation and rest time; but that dream trip can turn into a horror movie if you consider some basic tips. Here we will summarize for you and your family to go on the road and enjoy a happy journey.
1) Make sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition in sufficient time prior to departure . Some things you can do as you check fluid levels: oil, brake fluid, radiator water and wiper; the tire pressure, condition and especially the safety components.
Also great to take the car to the mechanic to do a general check of brakes, steering, shock absorbers and other vital components.
2) For most security systems have your car seat belt remains the most important , so everyone traveling in the car has to have it fastened before putting the car in motion.
3) Rest is essential to get the lucid, careful and correct reflections to any imponderable route. Rest well before leaving , take cool drinks, but avoid drinking mate, took a hand, distracting and if you dump could generate a dangerous reaction.
4) If you travel with kids , it is very important to keep them quiet and comfortable as they are great sources of driver distraction. Here you have several tips about it.
5) Children, especially those under 3 years old should ride in special seats. Recordá that child seats are not just an accessory for the car, but they can mean the difference between life and death . Here you leave a full report to analyze the best alternatives.
6) As you prepare the car, also you have to have all the necessary documentation on board and clutter to avoid problems. Do not forget to bring your record and if you have your companion documents, green card the car, the last of the current insurance policy and some extra money if you have to muddle through.
7) Respect road signs , especially speed limits. It moderates the speed in crowded places, school zones, etc. Also on route recordá always carry low lights, and here Chromeblades not count. Finally, using the turn signal to anticipate your moves, even if you think you’re alone on the road.
8) Avoid driving abruptly in both acceleration and braking, unless the situation demands it. The swerving not usually end well and that can cause a collision with another car or destabilize your vehicle and end up in a rollover.
9) Mantegna proper distance from other cars and avoid accidents due to lack of time and space to slow down and dodge. Acordate you’re not running, you need not get sucked back of another car . Remember that stopping distances are longer than we think, so at 120 km / h on dry ground separation should be at least 60 meters. In case of rain or fog prudence should be even higher.
10) We should not remember this, but do not drive drunk.