Tips for a healthy this Christmas 2014

Discover health tips to enjoy the best healthy Christmas, with simple tricks that will help you this holiday season.

christmas-healthy tips The arrival of Christmas , expected by many and “hated” by many people also, marks the beginning of an era full of magic, of happiness, of joy and days of hope to share with our family, friends, and ultimately with beings that we love.

It is a unique moment in which we enjoy quiet hours sitting around a table, where we can find a variety of delicious recipes and the finest typical Christmas desserts.

It is customary during the holidays we have the opportunity to enjoy traditional desserts, unless that we draw at home, are hard to find the rest of the year. Among the most characteristic: candies, shortbread, marzipan or loaves of Cadiz.

But it is also common to make certain excesses , which in January, after checking that we have increased our weight, come wailing and consequences.

Eat everything but in small amounts

Since Christmas is common in the development of a huge variety of recipes and desserts themselves this holiday season, it is obvious that we should not miss the opportunity to enjoy them.

But in moderation, which means that it is not the same as eating a piece of nougat, for example, exceeded and eat half the package. The key? You eat in small quantities will allow you to eat everything, and try a little of everything.

Follow a balanced diet

Even if you have food or Christmas dinners on certain days in which stores will slightly exceed, the following days are ideal for purifying your body and continue to maintain a balanced diet .

Do not forget to eat every day 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables is essential. Infusions and teas also help you detoxify and purify your body naturally.

They can also be of use to some of our tips for debugging kidneys and liver debug .

Practice regular exercise

It will help you stay fit, burn fat and calories you’ve consumed over the previous days , and it is ideal to avoid the typical holiday stress , peculiar and characteristic of these parties.

Just practice every day at least 30 minutes of exercise, although the ideal is to arrive on time. To burn fat, it is advisable to choose a good aerobic exercise , like running or walking. And if you practice five times a day, the better.

Enjoy a merry Christmas

At Christmas, in the rush to find the best gift or go running from one side to the other without stopping to rest a little, it is common to feel stressed / anxious and as / as.

To avoid this, you should always try to give you a break, relax and enjoy a little of the magic of the holidays without remembering its consumerist sense.

Merry Christmas 2014

Do not forget the most important: enjoy this Christmas 2014 and never worry about and only for important things. Merry Christmas, and you are extremely happy.