Although there are general recommendations that serve to any group that wants to enter the labor market, we preferred to divide them into three groups, to further adjust the advice to real needs: advice for students without experience, tips for successful candidates for trades people.

Tips for inexperienced students

• Understand the training as something aimed at developing skills and attitudes for professional future-focused company, without limiting yourself to the particular disciplines of each race.

• Take advantage of all training opportunities to develop the intellectual capacity of a comprehensive manner.

• During the academic period must be ambitious : exploiting time more fully, combining the activity as a student with other initiatives. The higher the horizon become more may be the working environment in which you can develop.

• University education is not enough to find a job condition . Companies value the professional practices made ​​while studying, additional training (attending seminars, conferences), cultural activities, international experience, language skills, adaptation to new technologies, etc.

• It is increasingly valued the human profile of people who intend to work in the private sector , so that collaboration with NGOs and social work be done on your own time, in addition to serve in personal development can greatly help in your professional life.

• Tourism and deepen in other environments and mindsets that make you know different realities which to project the professional expectations.

• Improve your language level , because knowledge of other languages ​​opens many barriers and allows for broader access to information world.

• Improve your computer skills , since the main office software and basic Internet tools are essential factors in a competitive professional profile.

• Although the academic record is not everything, it is an important factor highly valued in different selection processes.

• Investigate the companies created by young , where ideas, creation and innovation are key elements in the development of innovative activities.


Tips for professionals

• psych of the need to move to places where there is opportunity to work , that is, one must assume that geographical mobility is a reality to be reckoned with in a natural way.

• Taking time to resume preparation and, if possible, submit a revision of a specialist. Important Tips for writing CV

• Organize and send resumes to companies of interest , as long as it can provide fit what they need. We must focus primarily on companies that can offer a higher level of training and opportunities for growth and development.

• View technology as a tool to facilitate many tasks of information and knowledge.

• Note that the business world is not only governed by people with great knowledge, but a world where it is necessary to develop both the knowledge and the skills and personal qualities .

Tips for candidates

• Be willing to give the best of yourself as to build your future.

• Persevere in desire for integration in the company and preserve skills and attitudes positively in the different circumstances of professional life.

• Be consistent with the professional challenge that is required. GET A BETTER JOB IN 2015

• Leverage both internal and external continuous training , the company will offer to enhance your professional development.

• Transmit corporate values ​​and culture to other business professionals.

• Adjust your professional and private conduct to the corporate values ​​of the company.