Tips for Entrepreneurs: 5 Keys for this 2015

Improve communication, knowing how to count the essence of a project or be more aware of competition are some of the keys to getting the attention of customers or investors.

Entrepreneurs and startups, having taken stock of its role in 2014 and recognize which aspects to improve for the new year should prepare for the new year are improving.

Many times, you can improve aspects that are not linked to productivity or to make investments, but with the way we communicate our project or the attitude you have towards customers. Here are some proposals made by people who have launched a technological project.

1. Count the project attractively

Entrepreneurs and startups are always required to have their project to customers, investors, other companies. … It is important to have very clear ideas and knowing how to present a concise and attractive way the objective of a project. The idea is to be understood : a good story is always behind a big project.

To do this, Juan Manuel Lucero, Professor in Communication and Digital Marketing recommends: “You have to discard the attributes that do not make the story is good “. Lucero was a finalist last year BBVA OpenTalent.

Nothing better to answer the following questions:

What does your project?
How do you do?
Who is it for?

2. Simplicity

A product has to be simple for the end customer. Any customer looking for another company or vendor solution to a particular problem at the lowest possible cost clearly explain what problem you’re solving.

“My advice to entrepreneurs is to have a very clear value proposition and to study the simplest way to transmit “. Juan Lagrange’s founder Akdemia, an application that input, offers a solution for the management of materials in schools. Their proposals are simple and use words such as “help” or “provide an extra time” : two qualities that a company looks when supporting large amounts of work.

3. Never stop investigating

The startups have to keep innovating and seeking new business formulas to evolve as a company. Thus, the entrepreneur can come up with a new business idea that would otherwise not have discovered.

“Do not stay with a way to solve the problem, continued research is the key to success in a startup , “says the founder of Rocket personal finance application.

4. Not only are your arguments: also how accounts

The arguments must be convincing, clear, simple … We’ve talked a lot about them, but the key is to sound strong, energetic and transmit a person has enthusiasm for the project is piloting.

“It’s a key for someone who wants to start a business have the enthusiasm and the energy issue,” says Fhilippe Gelis, one of the founders of the application Kantox currency.

5. Make Team

Congresses, meetings of ‘networking’, competitions and special events are great for team places and meeting new people. We must leave out the competition as known before , and start collaborating with other companies and entrepreneurs that add value to the product itself.

And one more: that companies take better account for startups

Calls startups are no longer invisible to the economic development agents. Entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to technology are an engine of development that has worked successfully in countries like the United States and from Europe is the need for These companies have their speaker

Companies like BBVA, Microsoft and Telefonica are driving the open letter from the European Startup Partnership: a statement of support for startups and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to new technologies and innovation.

“We believe there is no better time to act and support the ecosystem of startups Europe and we therefore recommend to other companies signing this letter “. Through the efforts in these areas, growth initiatives in this field to reposition Europe in the “center” of technological development