Tips for fitness programs

To improve fitness, plus choose and follow a fitness program, it is necessary to consider a number of tips. The fitness can acquire and maintain, following simple tips to avoid frustration and wasted time and unnecessary energy.

These tips will make is for those who want to stay in good condition and want to improve their fitness.
Train the flexibility . It works the same way you do when you develop the strength or endurance. Give time to increase. Flexibility releases tension, unlocks muscle spasms, and realized right after strength training increases the number of sarcomeres in the muscle fiber, so the force increases.

When you do aerobic exercise , interval training implements. This type of training is much more intense and increases peak oxygen uptake. The working times should be between 30 seconds and three minutes breaks should not exceed 90 seconds to 120 seconds.

Try new activities and disciplines as a supplement as Tai Chi , Yoga, Fitness classes like aerobics, step, aerobox. In this way you increase and incorporate new moves and you work the muscle fibers from other conditions.

Every three weeks makes in the fourth one-week download , lowering training volume by 40%, this is the amount of time or meters or repetitions you were coming by. This download allows you to recover to again increase your training load.

When you can play a sport such as paddle tennis, basketball, football , volleyball, handball, tennis , squash. Competitive play requires you to do your best and gives you information on which aspects need more work.