LinkedIn is why we offered some recommendations to improve and expand our profile visibility in the network in order to have more chances of getting the 2015 ideal for this job.

Do not simply copy-paste your resume

LinkedIn connects you to a network, not just a human resources department. In a normal interview never give a sheet with your resume before coming, so do not do so on LinkedIn. Instead, describe your experience and skills as you would with someone you just met. And write for the screen, in short, with visual or textual blocks signals. If you add a photo, you have more opportunities 14veces your profile is seen.

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Type a custom holder

Is that line of text under your name? It’s the first thing people will see your profile. It is followed by your name in searches, is your personal brand (note: your e-mail is not a brand!). It is possible that your company’s brand is so strong that (together with you) is sufficient to show, but also may need to take your professional personality into something more attractive, something that really lodescriba.

Put into practice your elevator pitch

Return to your presentation on a possible interview. That description of 30 seconds which makes about yourself is what to include in the abstract section. Use it to attract the attention of readers have between 5 and 10 seconds to grab their attention. The more relevant your bank, the more time the attention of your readers and potential employers.

Explain your experience

Help the reader understand the key points: explain briefly what the company where you work and how dedicated Description of your work on it. Imagine yourself in that interview, again. After it was submitted, how do you describe what you do, what is your business? Use here such clear and concise sentences and separate them so that they are more digestible visually, also take to include images, videos or presentations.

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Be different

Get support and support to others. Get recommendations from colleagues, clients and bosses who can talk about your skills or performance in a credible manner (think quality, not quantity). Ask them to focus on a skill or aspect of your specific personality to form their opinion about you. Make comments relevant when writing recommendations for other users and mix, the variety makes their recommendations more authentic.

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