Tips to Grow Your Business with Linkedin

Tips to Grow Your Business with Linkedin
At this point, because you know that Linkedin is a tool for network key to any business. A marketing plan is not complete these days, if it does not include time to build and maintain a presence on Linkedin. This social network has become essential for B2B marketing and the role that has proved most valuable in boosting sales of B2B is the function of the groups .

Advantage of this feature provides the ability to expose your brand in front of more people than just your company page. If you have not yet involved in groups, here are some tips to start Linkedin and give a boost in sales .

Participate directly in their group

Being active in your group means you will attract more potential customers. Potential customers are much safer brands that obviously interested in the experiences and views of their customers. Express your interest from the first moment of the creation of automated messages to send Linkedin users to join your group, giving them a warm welcome and invites them to contact you freely with any questions or comments. Think of its members, potential customers or clients. If you have questions, respond promptly to exemplify the kind of timely and quality service you provide to your customers.

Encourage group members also get involved

You will often share topics and participate in the discussions that propose other group. This shows members ?? you are interested in what others have to say, rather than see a list of topics that you provide to members, you will see a whole group of members who participate in interesting discussions with useful information. Check participate in discussions led by other members as well. Again, you must show sincerity you want your members know that you value them and their opinions.

Staying active

Although the participation of members is the fundamental key to the success of your group, you must ensure that the group’s activity is appropriate, informative, and not bother you any current or potential members. For example, say that a member who is constantly publishing self-promotional messages. This type of spam is annoying as group discussions are full of promotional jargon, people get bored and sometimes annoying, possibly leaving the group. If there are members who are acting inappropriately or by posting the same things over and over again just to be visible, you should consult with them privately and let them know that their behavior is not conducive to the purpose of the group.

We also recommend the following:

Share relevant content

People join groups for a reason. ?? They are interested in a particular subject and either want to participate in the debate on the subject or simply get maximum information and advice they can, for their benefit. Therefore, only the relevant content must be published in their group.

Best of the groups is that you have a ready made no public acceptance of prospective clients or customers who are interested in the topic ?? and have joined your group voluntarily. These people are there to read information that belongs to the category in which your group is. Do not post (or allow others to publish) anything that could divert attention from the central theme of the group.

Search For Jobs

In addition to managing your group should also look for potential partners who could become customers. Linkedin now has an “Advanced Search People”, which is extremely useful for finding a specific group of people.

For example, you can search for people who have a specific job title, as CFO, or perhaps those who run businesses with fewer than one hundred employees. Linkedin helps you find the one you always wanted exact age, then, invite these people to join your group will give them a little taste of what they can expect from you and your company.


Linkedin has an interesting advertising function, it is a pay function, but the cost is comparable to ad Facebook feature, and the ability to reach your target audience is higher. The Groups feature allows you to place your ad front and center in the pages of a group. For example, you can specify that you want an ad visible to members of the real estate business groups or groups of inbound marketing. These ads are adaptable and is written by your company, but they must meet certain criteria to be accepted by Linkedin.

Participate in other Groups

In order to integrate your group with their profile and give it more exposure, join groups of other people whose themes fall under the same umbrella as yours is a good deed. But you’ll also can generate leads within groups that have nothing to do with your current business.

Join a group with members who have the same interests as you how eg golf, could lead to business relationships. Cultivate friendships with people from thoughts related can lead to talk business, giving you an opening to see if it can be beneficial to other in B2B sales.

The function Linkedin group has grown to step giant since it was first introduced, especially with regard to management groups. Many tools have been implemented to help lead and supervise your group efficiently. Starting a group is easy, but you must be committed to managing it as well.

Participation and consistency are key if you want your Linkedin Group helps B2B sales boost.