Tips to Improve Memory | Career Advice | Career Tips

1. The rhythm and rhyme: repeat over and over certain data in a rhythm or rhyme favors making a memory that no compression of information we want to remember.
2. Make pairs: when remember a long series of numbers, it is best to group them in pairs. That is, if you have to memorize the number 10480325 will be much easier if it is grouped as follows: October 48 March 25.
3. acronyms: they are just building a word with the initials of the elements that you should remember. If you do not want to forget the name of the three Greek architectural styles: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian, you can choose to build the next word Jodoco (JO: Ionian, DO: Doric, CO: Corinth).
4. Technical visual aids: involves placing objects in another location that always occupy a particular place: change wrist watch or a ring finger to know that something is pending.
5. Technique story: specially designed for when you have to remember different concepts. This way, you invent a including therein each of the words that you should memorize, and so it will be easier to remember history.
6. Association names: if you hardest to remember are the names of individuals, asócialos with some famous or familiar yours to not forget.
7. Make hobbies: entertainments such as crossword puzzles, games with letters or sudoku, help streamline the mind, which also favors the development of memory.
8. Video games: new arcade style Nintendo DS Brain Training to stimulate the brain through fun exercises in logic.
9. Avoid doing several things at once: as it interferes with the encoding process, and therefore retention.
10. Sleep well and be relaxed: it is essential to improve and enhance memorization.
11. Healthy Eating: although no miracle foods, eating a balanced diet improves brain function.
12. Playing sports or fitness: exercise, specifically sports that require light efforts, but prolonged (cycling, swimming …) improve brain activity and memory.
13. Serve with music: it is proven that music, especially classical, improves and maintains brain function.
14. See, better than listening: best will retain extensive information if you present in outline, the more visual and concise as possible.
15. Writing as a method of memory: repeatedly write what you want to remember or do it while you’re reading, rather than read it and try to remember later.
16. Categorization: things to memorize commands according to the categories of objects. For example, to recall the shopping list groups the products into categories like fruits (oranges, pears …), dairy (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt) …
17. Selective memory: when memorizing, not all interested; select the most important information and only focuses your attention on it.
18. Avoid worries: when working with memory, disconnected from everyday problems, since they obstruct the log data to memorize.
19. Do not abuse alcohol: generates inability to retain new information, and even long term it can cause irreversible effects on memory.
20. Making sense of what they learned: remember something that you understand or have a meaning for you, is the best strategy for this knowledge continues.