Tips to make your laptop battery last longer

A number of practical applications extend the life of the battery without the use of electrical

The big advantage of a laptop, in addition to its design and small footprint, is its
independence from the plugs and fixed locations. It is ideal for traveling and working in cafes
device, in squares, in train stations or airports. More today than wireless networks, access to
mobile data networks and SIM cards “pinchos” USB lavish. However, there is still a limiting
factor: battery life . A dead time, you can not work with the computer that is very portable.

This article offers several tips to lengthen the time that the battery indicator Battery level
remains red .

Some strategies to prolong the battery of a laptop care refer to hardware, that is, the device
itself. Others, however, relate to the type of programs that are used when you are away from
the plug and the way you navigate.

Tricks Hardware

Screens, the minimum brightness . The brightness of the display requires a high energy
consumption, especially in the case of LCD backlit , so you should not have them at the highest
level, even when you’re in dark environments. An average value may be more than enough. If you
stay in a room with different lighting should always opt for the less dark.

Use the touch cursor instead of a USB mouse . The USB mouse , but sometimes they are more
ergonomic, pose significant battery consumption. It is preferable to use the touch cursor when
you need the laptop is turned over three hours and avoid the USB ports connected to any
peripheral. Although not on, suppose a consumer. The same goes for memory cards.
Having cleared all possible connectivity options . Avoid the Bluetooth connection, due to its
high consumption. You should also try to have the connector off the wifi networks, unless you
have to navigate. If you are working on documents, it is advisable to have it turned off until
you need to use. Then you browse and stops again. The wifi connector, along with the screen,
the largest source of spending a laptop.

Use wallpapers monotonous and dull colors . Wallpapers with variety of hues and vivid colors
consuming. The same applies to the images, which is complex graphs. If you are going to work
offline is better temporarily replaced by simple and dull backgrounds.

Forcing temporary off-screen. When you stop typing, takes some time until the screen goes to
“saving” power on and off, waiting for the user to restart their work. The ideal is to program
the computer to make this time as short as possible.

Avoid excessive heating . Should work on flat surfaces where the computer can be positioned so
that the bottom vent unobstructed. Heat causes inefficient processor and forces him to consume
additional battery for the same work.

Software Tricks

Working with simple programs . If you have to write or edit text, it is better to use TXT
formats that Word or Open Office style. The reason is that they are very simple and have few
options, so they consume less processor resources. This translates into a saving battery. When
the computer is plugged in again, you can move the letters to more complex formats and finish
editing the document. In particular, Open Office has a high consumption, as it works on the Java platform.

Avoid opening PDF documents . It is a very complex and costly in terms of energy, similar to
other software programs Adobe company. Should avoid opening a PDF or leave by the end of the

Do not use image editors or video . Images and videos are graphic complexes generally energy
intensive. The requirements of programs like Photoshop or similar assume rapid decline in
available energy. Such tasks should only be performed if you do not need to work long hours.
Do not watch videos or play games . These two activities can consume a charged battery for five
hours, at least two, as they are very demanding in terms of energy. If a video is required, it
is better to be short and it is presented in small screen.

Do not use the computer for music . We recommend using a device in place for this purpose or
the mobile.

Avoid running programs that are not used at the time . It happens with Skype or other instant
messengers that start when the computer starts and remaining in the background. It is better to
turn them off.

Keep your computer clean of malware . Spending on fixed periods antispyware programs is the
proper way to optimize the energy efficiency of your computer. Many can be downloaded free of
charge on the Web.

Navigation Tips

Avoid images and flash development . It is better to sail with a program that blocks flash
images and advertisements, as Flashblock because flash technology is a great source of
consumption . We recommend browsing the pages with text only.

Avoid pop-ups . Known as “pop ups” or popups are a source of extra consumption should be

Do not watch videos . Sites like Youtube or similar that allow downloaded videos pose a high
battery consumption.

Do not have too many tabs open in the browser . It is advisable to open them as needed and
close them when they have already seen.

Avoid video conferencing and voice over IP calls . Unless that’s the purpose of computer use.
These technologies are large consumers of battery.

Memory effect on batteries

Current batteries are lithium ion and differ from previous nickel-cadmium without the so-called
” memory effect “. According to him, the less is left discharging a battery, less capacity
recorded later. Before that happened, so it is advised to always use the battery fully
discharge and then recharge it fully.

The lithium ion battery can be charged and discharged with no reduction in capacity, although
long term, like other batteries lose a load fund, but it always depends on the quality of the
battery and not the type of metals used for the transmission of electrons.