Tips to succeed in a job interview by phone

Tips to succeed in a job interview by phone
Very often the first contact is by phone call. In many cases, recruiters exploit both call for an appointment with the candidate to make a face interview to discuss issue on your resume. Here begins the first filter in the selection process.

You better not get caught off guard and know what to say in a job interview by phone because it will give the first impression to the interviewer and it is better to stay with a good memory of you. Not for being a job interview by phone is less important than a face.

The first thing is to find a quiet place for the interview and a place where you can be comfortable and think about what you will say. You never know when you call so be prepared an outline of what you say in a job interview by phone.

Job interview by phone

1. Prepare the call.

First of all, know what information you have dump in the curriculum, especially in the aspect dates (which is where most people usually fail). It is also important to remember to companies that have applied and what jobs to act quickly and show your skills according to the job you are applying. The most common job interview by phone is to be asked about your current employment status, training and especially if it is for a job which requires speak English languages. As we have said in previous posts: We must be sincere in the curriculum.

2. The tone of voice.

It’s our only letter in a job interview by phone. Therefore, we should try to use a friendly tone of voice and showing confidence. One factor that helps in making the interview is smile. We know that you are not seeing, but the reality is that even though you may not see, the voice does not sound like when you’re serious when you smile gesture. Therefore, power your courage with your voice.

3. Avoid awkward silences.

We know that certain questions need a few seconds to reflect on the answers that you are giving, but try to avoid those long silences. The estimated silence duration is 3 seconds, beyond that: it is very bad sign. If you do not know what to say, you can choose to ask the interviewer about the job and so you can learn more about the offer.

We also recommend the following:

4. Be heard and listen.

This is one of the most important values ​​in a job interview by phone. The interviewer wants to hear about you, but in addition, also wants to give you information that will interest for the job for which you apply and even analyze your attitude when dealing with others. Do not let your guard thought it’s only a job interview by phone.

5. Be proactive.

Do you ask your partner about the subject you are talking about, ie showing interest in the company. Now, what is sought in the labor market are active candidates, those who have interest in the company and seeking enhanced themselves. Those who demonstrate a passive attitude will have a good chance of passing a job interview by phone.

6. Ehhh, ummm. Yes.

We are talking about the tagline. We all have those falls within phrases we launched without realizing it. When we have before us the person we are talking not become so evident. But when we are in the job interview by telephone, will be the first thing you look. Try to avoid all those tag lines and everything will be smooth sailing.

7. Try to have at hand something to aim for.

You will dump a lot of information you probably will not remember nerves. Try to do with paper and pencil to record all the basics during the interview and so you know defend better in person interview.