Titanic film Lessons for your Business


Titanic film Lessons for your Business
Follow these five tips and prevents your company from sinking as the most famous ship in the world 100 years ago Of course, a floating liner equals a business. In this case, it is a business that failed catastrophically on its maiden voyage.

As a business owner, you probably want to avoid collapsing. So, here are five lessons you can learn from the tragic fate of the Titanic:

1) Go to where you are going Titanic’s crew failed to be aware of meeting an iceberg, a bad idea considering how difficult it is to change the course of such a large boat. This was his fatal mistake because the icebergs were located in places rare that year. New research reveals why: an unusual mole approach caused a very high tide, prompting the icebergs, which usually remain close to the shore and in deep water, the way the Titanic.

This story shows what happens to many industries like the music or movie rentals that continue along the same path, ignoring all signs that the market has been transformed into digital format. The result was that new competitors stole their customers. So you must be alert to new trends and changes in the market to ensure that your business does not go bankrupt.

2) Do not be proud: The Titanic was promoted and became famous as an impossible boat to sink. No company should think of themselves as invulnerable. Few businesses last forever and all, without exception, have weaknesses. Smart entrepreneurs know to reduce hazards to consider and plan to address any risks that may arise. Even for the unimaginable.

3) Plan to address problems: Titanic had been known as a minor tragedy if the ship have sufficient lifeboats. According to RMS Titanic Inc., whose mission is to preserve artifacts and history of the Titanic, the ship was in compliance with a law that had not been seen for a vessel of its size. Instead of doing the right thing, engineers cut some corners to increase the size of the cover and reduce costs.

But the true cost of this irresponsible attitude to safety was the loss of over 1,500 lives. Although hopefully mistakes in your business will not cause deaths, conducts periodic drills and evacuations in your employees. Make sure your facilities are in good condition and have a contingency plan as well as fire extinguishers and special outings to avoid damage and loss. Is your business prepared for these events, which can lead to serious consequences for the company ?

4) Do not underestimate training: The evacuation of the Titanic was delayed because both crew and passengers did not have the proper preparation and training. There was no pretense to check lifeboat after the ship sailed and these proved insufficient.

No business can be conducted properly if your employees do not know what to do. Whether in an emergency, a problem with a client in daily operations or in a crisis, your computer must always be prepared to respond and stay afloat.

5) Worry about what matters: The term “change the deck chairs on the Titanic” has become the symbol of inappropriate approach often gives little things when there are much more important in fact, leaving aside the real issues. This is something that happens to many entrepreneurs. If the ship is sinking, down to the engine room and find out why before it’s too late.