To burn more calories: to maximize muscle!

If you exercise when you avoid at all costs weight training or resistance exercises and called strengthening, think again. If you want to lose weight, incorporate these exercises into your fitness routine is the key. Here we tell you why.

Everyone has complained at some point in their lives, that weight gain is due to slow metabolism. Many people say it without knowing exactly what is metabolism. The truth is that the metabolism does affect the size of your jeans, because the faster work, the more calories you burn.

But even more so is that the metabolism is NOT the real reason you’re gaining weight. The real reason is you, what you do or what you do with the calories you consume and you burn. I know! Sometimes horrible recognize you’re the only one guilty or guilty of your pounds or kilos more, but then again, it’s nice to realize that the weight you want to achieve depends entirely on you.

It’s simple math: you must burn more calories than you consume. Ie, exercise and a diet without excess. But it’s not just about doing cardio. There is a key that will help you speed up your metabolism, and probably for fear become too muscular or muscular, you’ve left out: weight training or resistance exercises and strengthening.

Women generally avoid weight training or resistance exercises because they want their body becomes like a bodybuilder. Obviously, do not go to extremes, but lifting weights and doing exercises to strengthen the muscles is the key to building muscle mass. And the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism, you’ll burn more calories and you’ll see a lot thinner (a) and stylish (a).

This is because even when you’re at rest, your muscles need three times more energy than fat to maintain itself and regenerate. Some experts from the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles claim that “the only way to increase the rate of metabolism is through physical activity and training to strengthen the muscles.”

If you still not clear what are strengthening exercises and endurance? Here is the answer: Those exercises that work the muscles as they move with resistance or in other words, weighing against. The resistance comes from the machines, weights, elastic band, water when you swim, mountain when you go up, or your own body weight when you do push-ups or squats. An aerobic exercise like walking, it becomes strengthening exercise when you walk into a mountain, for example.

Best of all, the strengthening and endurance exercises also burn enough calories. One study found that burn 200 to 300 calories an hour, which is equivalent to the calories in a slice of cheese pizza, deep dish.

In addition, strengthening and endurance exercises with weights, get other health benefits, they help control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. Also, reduce your chances you develop osteoporosis and bone fractures you, since they promote the storage tank and the calcium in the long bones and the spine.

If you’re a woman, be sure to incorporate exercises with free weights, elastic resistance bands or your own weight squats and push-ups on your fitness routine. Several studies suggest that women may naturally lose 15% of your muscle mass before 50 years. But if you decide to do weights at least three times a week, it happens you need to control your weight: You gain about 3 pounds of muscle mass (not fat!) In six months, which will cause your metabolism to speed up and you can lose weight.

So do not let the weights on one side if you do not, you’re missing a golden opportunity to burn more calories, lose weight, get stronger and see better. Make it weights regularly will not regret!