Top 10 Items of Equipment for Barber Jobs

Like any manual skilled based career, barber jobs require the use of a lot of specialist gents hairdressing items on a daily basis. You may be surprised to learn that the roles of a ladies hairdresser and a barber, although similar in principle, actually differ significantly, especially in the equipment used. If you are looking to start a career in barbering or maybe switch from a ladies hairdressing role, you will need to know the key pieces of equipment that every barber should own in order to carry out work efficiently and to the best possible standard.

The Top 10 items

Below is the list of essential items for a modern barber. We’ll assume that you are an employee and the salon owner provides a mirror and a chair.

    • Scissors. A fundamental piece of equipment that should be part of any barbers tool box. In my experience, I would recommend owning two pairs of standard cutting scissors in a size that you are most comfortable with. Many traditional barbers favour longer scissors which make scissor over comb tasks more efficient. Barber jobs involve a lot of scissor over comb work and blades can blunt quickly which is why always having a sharp spare pair is crucial. A set of thinning scissors would also be advised.


    • General Clippers. Many varieties are available to buy now including wireless varieties. In busy barber shops it may be better to invest in a set of standard, robust, mains clippers designed specifically for professional use.


    • Trimmers. Trimmers sometimes called “neck line clippers” or “T. Liners” are smaller clippers designed for more detailed work such as sharpening neck lines, edging and pattern or detail designs. These are also available in thousands of varieties. Whilst rechargeable trimmers offer some convenience, mains powered trimmers won’t suffer power loss which may be better in busier salons.


    • Combs. As a minimum you should own a clipper comb and a finer tooth cutting comb. Depending on demand and your training, some barber jobs may also require that you own a flat top comb.


    • Hair dryer. Not much too this simple necessity. More powerful dryers generally preferred. Pick one in a colour that you like and you’re set.


    • Razor and blades. Razors have a variety of uses in the modern barber shop from creating texture in hair to carrying out wet shaves.


    • Brushes. A variety of blow drying brushes and a good neck brush are recommended.


    • Styling products. A range of products will most likely be provided by the salon so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the products, in particular a gel/wax and a spray/aerosol that you like to use should cover a vast range of styles encountered in most barber jobs. A sound knowledge is not only essential in completing a great hair style but can also improve your income if the salon provides retail related sales commission.


    • Oils and Sprays. Clipper/Scissor oils and sterilizing sprays should always be at hand, to keep things working properly and suitably clean.


  • Talcum powder and tissues. This is something that may be provided by the employer but it’s worth having your own supply. Talcum powder and tissues will help soothe and clean up the customers neck at the end of the hair cut, leaving the client as comfortable as possible when they leave.