Top 5 quotes from Mark Zuckerberg on how to succeed

With his recent visit to Colombia, the creator of Facebook showed that thinks big and is aware of all markets to take every opportunity and success.

1. “Move fast and break things. If you’re not breaking things, is that you’re not moving fast enough “

Dare to put everything upside, break with convention, and get leave behind their rivals. Many will tell you what’s crazy attempts: ignore them. To succeed not worth the normal approaches. You must create something unique, “break things”.

2. “The biggest risk is not taking any chances. In a world that is changing really fast, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not taking risks “

Already knows: a key to the success of a startup is its ability to adapt to change. Each day brings new products and customers have new needs, so there will be times when you should bet heavily on the change to meet them. Not worth anchored in yesterday, that can only make him disappear from the market. Always with caution, but at risk.

3. “I know it sounds utopian, but would like to improve the lives of people, especially socially. Making the world a more open place is not something you get in one night, something that can take from 10-15 years. “

Here Zuckerberg talks about another key to success: patience. Perhaps you have created a mobile application that is destined to succeed, but during the first few months does not give the fruits expected. Calm, sometimes the best things are the slowest to arrive. However, patience does not mean waiting to cross to reach the success arms. This is a battle to be waged every day, patiently, yes, but without losing consistency.

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4. “We do not build services to make money, we make money to build better services”

A great truth. The main goal of every business is to be profitable, ie, make money, but part of the benefit must always intended to improve what offered: to be updated, to find out what is what the public wants and what is failing.

5. “I spent a lot of time thinking about how to build this (Facebook), and not on how to achieve success. This work is more important than any other “

Focus only on how to achieve success is not always recommended. Success is critical to a company, yes, but should not be obsessed with before starting; success must come gradually as a result of making the right decisions and amend any errors. From the beginning, all your effort should go in the direction of doing something like that not only others, but also to you, and what you really believe.