Top 5 useful tips from fitness trainers – Physical Fitness

According to coaches, improper exercises does more harm than good. A beginners in fitness often guilty of just that. To change this situation and turn into effective fitness training, it is enough to listen to these simple tips.
It is not necessary to “pray” in the exercise strap

According to the trainer Teddy Bass, who has long been trained actress Cameron Diaz, plank exercise, that it results in the body’s muscles in tone, to be performed correctly. This means that we must rely on the forearms and toes, the body must be extended in a straight line, and palms pressed to the floor. Quite often, in this exercise, women make two common mistakes – squeeze hands into fists or reduce the palms together as in prayer. This negatively affects the posture, so as we either hump, or balancing on his forearms.

When performing exercises for abdominal muscles, adds weight

Trainer Gunnar Peterson those who want to be proud of their strong pressure, recommends that during exercise, work consistently in different planes of movement, with added weight. For this purpose, it is best to use medbol or dumbbells.

Remember, additional resistance will help you reach the goal faster and make the exercise much more effective.
At every movement forward, do two movements ago

Renowned trainer Todd Durkin, creator of Fitness Quest 10, designed to enhance the knowledge of future fitness professionals, to avoid injury during training, the Council was of Scheme 2: 1. This means that during the exercise, after each move forward to do the same two reverse. This will not only help to make the body strong, but also to prevent muscle imbalances.

Do the 10,000 steps a day

Trainer wants to see their clients not only active in the gym. It recommends that, in addition to training on a daily basis to make 10,000 steps. He says that people who are more active during the day and are healthier and therefore live longer than those who are sedentary.
Five kilometres or 30 minutes a day

Keith Rich, Pilates coach, advises those who want to lose weight and avoid the yo-yo effect, daily adhere to the rules of five kilometres or 30 minutes a day. This means if you want to lose weight, you need a daily walk or run 5 kilometres, or to conduct a 30-minute workout. She argues that this approach is tested on myself and it helped her to make the process more manageable weight loss. According to her, this rule is easy to follow, alternating running and walking with a 30-minute workout.