Top ideas to earn extra money


Top ideas to earn extra money

1. Work guardian or substitute teacher

If you have a university degree, offer your services to tutor students from the nearest university. You can tutor in your field, or students studying Spanish/french/german as a second language. You can also earn money by correcting papers. Moreover, in many US states, people with any degree of specialization can be mentors for children from public school. In Ohio, for example, a person with BA or BS degree can get permission to work from substitute teacher. People with this permission can also work from home tutor for children who can not attend classes for health reasons. Call your town school board for more information.

2. Sell the possessions you no longer want

In the past, people who wanted to sell the clothes of their children and left them little or tennis racket no longer used, they had to do a garage sale. We now have websites like eBay where we can sell possessions you no longer use more money on those sales of the past. You can sell clothing or jewelry on eBay or at a consignment shop. If you want to sell something on consignment, visit the website of The Better Business Bureau to ensure there are no problems with the store. “Vintage” clothes and design are the most popular – you can also sell “vintage” clothes on You can sell DVDs or video games on eBay and books on eBay or stores that buy used books as Half-Price Books.

3. Distribute directories

Telephone companies need people in every neighborhood to distribute telephone directories to all households. Call the phone company where you live to ask if there are opportunities for you. If you have a car that works well and does not spend very fast gasoline, you can get extra money delivering phone books.

4. Earn money from your hobby

You know darn well? Sewing clothes or dolls? To build furniture? Your hobby can give you more pleasure … you can get extra money for it. You can offer lessons in your hobby; for example, Mary organized a group of neighbors who came home every Saturday to learn to knit. He won a little extra money while visiting with neighbors. There are also craft shops that pay people for giving lessons to clients. You can also sell your hobby products, such as apparel, art or furniture online at sites like or small shops in your town. Sara loves to sew, and use old fabric found in his attic to make aprons for cooking. Each apron is unique, and Sara sells them at an antique store.

5. Harvest money in your garden

Many people grow vegetables in the garden to desfrutarse very fresh food without chemicals. Why not earn some money too? You can plant more vegetables you need your family, and sell tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to your neighbors. You can also buy seeds of perennial flowers or vegetables such as onions or tomatoes, grown seedlings at home, and sell them in the spring when everyone is ready to plant the garden. For example, to grow rather large onions, bulbs need to be planted in the garden instead of seeds. You can buy a packet of 300 seeds for $ 3.00, but a pack of 75 bulbs can cost $ 4.00 or more. Same with tomatoes – a packet of 25 seeds costs $ 1.99 at, but a seedling may cost $ 2.50 in shop floors. Put plants not sell in your garden, and save the seeds do not need for next year.

6. Complete online surveys

Everyone has their opinions, but did you know you can earn money by sharing yours? There are online companies that pay people to fill out surveys. If you do a search for “paid surveys,” you will find many sites offering to pay money or goods to fill out surveys. You become a member of the website, and they send email to notify you of opportunities. But be careful not to get deceived by charlatans there online. Avoid companies that ask for money to become a member, or ask for personal information such as the number of your credit card or social security, or you do not get the details of compensation.

7. Delivering newspapers

In movies children age 11 is mounted bike, throwing papers in the porches of vecinos– but today it is not. Now periodic deliver newspapers adults are charged car. If you have a good coach who does not spend too much gasoline and if you do not mind getting up early is a good way to earn extra money. People who delivers newspapers have set route; searching a route in a safe neighborhood, because you will leave before dawn.