Training in 5 minutes

Fast Fitness Plan
These busy, or do not have the time to travel to the gym, change you and take a class, yet feel
the need to move. You can try a 5 minute workout stimulating all your muscles, eliminating
stress and feelings of fatigue by staying sedentary.
Training Program

Squat with Kick (1 minute)

Standing. Legs shoulder width apart. Straight back. Activated abdominal Center. Arms crossed in
front of the chest X slightly separated therefrom. Perform a squat, bending your knees and
bringing your hips down-back. When you return to the starting position kicks forward,
initiating the movement from knee flexion to reach full extension. Return to medium to another
squat kicks but now and again with the other leg. Every time you kick arms simultaneously
performed a circle outward.

Push up (1 minute)

Facing a wall. Place your hands with outstretched arms, shoulder width apart. Backs feet about
50 cm. Bend your elbows bringing the chest to the wall and back.
Standing. Extend your arms straight in front. Palms down. Cross as quickly as possible, arms in
a scissor. Repeated for 30 seconds.
Standing. Place your arms stretched behind. The hands are at the height of the buttocks and
palms are directed backwards. Again crossing swiftly and forth for 30 seconds.

Standing Ab (1 minute)

Standing. Separate the legs hip width. Arms raised over the head with elbows bent. Upload your
knee to your chest and accompanies the movement with trunk flexion. The arms are at the side of
the knees. Return to start and repeat with the other leg.

Stretch (1 minute)

Standing. Spread your legs shoulder width. Bend the trunk without bending the knees. Then make
the same gathering feet hip width.
Standing. Bring one foot toward your buttock taking with one hand. Pulled upwards without
separating from the other knee.