Tutorial – Remove duplicate contacts on your Android

Many times when we contacts from one phone to another or from a SIM card check as our agenda is
full of duplicates without contact, which hinders us search every time we make a call.
Therefore, in our Android Beginners today, we are going to teach how to delete duplicate
contacts so we can have better control of your schedule .

Gone are the endless listings in our address books or having to go contact contact manually
deleting those that are duplicates, really tedious and probably many, unfortunately, as we
know. There are people too lazy to even change mobile by having to move and organize your
schedule again. However, there are several applications to remove duplicate contacts easily .
We present two of them and we show you how to use them.

Contact Analyzer 2

This application not only allows but also remove duplicate contacts merge. To use it you just
have to download the app from Google Play where you will find totally free on the following
link: Contact Analyzer 2 .

Just download the application, information option on our menu we can see how many contacts and,
of those, how many phone numbers and many are just emails.

Before deleting duplicate contacts, we can check them to see what they are. This simply have to
press the menu button (next to the “home” button) and press the option “Identical Numbers” next
to the icon of a magnifying glass. We were asked if we want to find numbers repeated in
different contacts ( “Search only in Different contacts” ). If you click this option, also seek
contacts with the same name but a different number.

Then, as we proceed to remove duplicate contacts by clicking “Duplicates” (option trashcan
icon). If we want to merge, then we click on the option “Merging” . This option can not be
deleted contacts, obviously, but they will go on to have a unique name and several different

Merge +

This application can also help us to clean our address book to organize and manage it more
effectively. Also you can download for free from Google Play. When we download the application
we offer two options: “Find duplicates” and “Download Contacts +” .

Once you press the “Find duplicates”, the application will begin to track our agenda. When
completed, we will receive a notification with duplicate contacts in our notification bar.
Clicking on the notification will open the application again to give us the option to merge
those duplicate contacts. We can choose what we want to merge and what not. Once selected, we
just have to press the button “Merge” at the bottom of the screen. Before we merge will send an
alert. That’s all.

How I can avoid duplicate contacts from your PC?

To avoid this problem of duplicate contacts, a good option is to install Gmail on your device
and sync contacts with Google our agenda. To do this, we simply need to access Settings ->
Accounts -> search Google and once inside press “Sync all” to make sure the contacts are
always on the agenda of Gmail. Thus, each time you change mobile can sync contacts from Gmail.

Once stored in Gmail and if we have duplicate contacts, we have to do is the following. If you
use Google Contacts from your computer, at the top we find more , we click and a menu is
displayed, in which the option is present Find and merge duplicate . If there are duplicate
contacts, automatically detects and displays the information we thereupon we just accept that
combine and Quick Tools will do the job alone. I highly recommend this tool to keep your
contacts in case of being robbed or mobile spoiling us.