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Types of questions in the job interview

job interview-question
job interview-question

Types of questions in the job interview
Each interview is different. During the interview the interviewer can work multitude of questions on a variety of topics. However, always seem to be some recurring questions about other processes that help us to be prepared.

In general we can group the interview questions job into several types:

Personal questions :

are general questions about hobbies and interests, often serve to break the ice and be accompanied by an informal chat.

Questions of experience :

are questions designed to learn more about the previous experience and work performed.

Test questions :

those questions whose aim is to check information (or lack of information) contained in the resume .

Hypothetical questions :

are questions like “What would you do if …?”. Used to evaluate your reactions and your skills to solve specific problems face.

Attitude and personality questions :

are questions that are addressed to better understand your attitude towards work and the post.

We also recommend the following:

Questions about frontline skills or reinforcement :

If you apply for a job where you work for the customer, such questions will test your skills in this area and how to negotiateĀ a complaint.

Technical questions :

are specific questions about the area of the job being offered. Used to assess your actual knowledge on the subject, not your opinions.

Questions of creative thinking :

are questions that require use creative thinking to solve specific problems. They can remember those test questions to calculate the IQ, except that they are more difficult. At first they can be disconcerting enough, especially if not expected.

Questions of definition :

are issues that are asked about your views or your views on skills and techniques.

Pressure questions :

are questions that deliberately uses the interviewer to evaluate your reaction to pressure.

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