Unlucky 13 Dangerous Professions

There are some professions that are inherently more dangerous than others. The dangers can be to the person that is employed in the field, to the public around the worker or to the environment. Each of these professions has several safety practices in place in order to protect the person working in the field, as well as the general public and environment surrounding the work site.

Some of these professions (not in any particular order) include:

· Police officers                         

· Firefighters

· Fishermen

· Airline pilots and other employees

· Waste collectors

· Construction workers

· Farmers and ranchers

· Coal miners

· Roofers                                                                                          

· Semi-truck drivers

· Taxi drivers

· Professional athletes

· Military personnel

While some professions are easier to regulate safety policies, others are less predictable. Police, firefighters and military personnel are clearly in the face of dangerous situations by the very nature of their work. While these professionals take every possible precaution with their practices, equipment and uniforms, their unique situation is that they are interacting with other people (or in the case of firefighters- fire), which is unpredictable at best.

Professionals working with large equipment are also more prone to injuries on the work site. These include airline pilots or other employees, coal miners, waste collectors, construction workers, semi-truck drivers, farmers and ranchers. The fatalities that occur in these fields usually involve some sort of machinery, etc. These professions are more easily regulated by OSHA, and measures are taken to protect the workers. The regulations have decreased the fatality rates of these workers during the last few decades. The regulation and education of the professionals in several industries has led to a comprehensive approach to maintaining safety. Construction site safety concerns, in particular have created a new industry with products designed to keep workers on construction sites, as well as the neighbors safe.

Outside variables are present in the other professions on the list above which make the professions more likely to be those that will face some sort of danger. It is important to remember though that there are risks involved with getting up out of bed and driving to work, no matter your profession!

An interesting side note is that some professions tend to cause the people working in them more mental health challenges and an increase in depression, substance abuse of suicide is often seen in several of these professions. They include, artist, author, actor, dancer, doctor, and the profession with the highest number of suicides statistically is – dentists. (They must take it pretty hard when people don’t floss. Do your dentist a favor today and floss!)