Unravel 8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blog Posting

What you post on your blog isn’t the only thing that matters nowadays. For business owners, it’s also a must to get into guest blog posting, which provides numerous enticing benefits. In terms of SEO, this technique is known to increase backlinks and improve search engine ranking of your own site. It’s also a valuable marketing tool that allows you to interact not only with your target market but also with peers and other blog owners.
Here are the secrets for guest posting success.

Secret # 1 – It’s okay to be choosy

In fact, it’s a must. Be on the lookout for the cream of the crop. Pick the top sites in your industry or niche. Get in touch with blogs that have the most subscribers and social fans. Yes, it can be challenging to get these sites notice you but make an effort, after all, they’re the only ones worth writing guest blogs for.

Secret # 2 – Being organized helps

A systematic schedule is necessary especially if you intend to submit to multiple blogs at the same time. Being organized right from the start can save you from lots of headaches. Create a list of all the blogs that you wish to submit a post to and include other details like the blog title you pitched, date of publication, and so on.

Secret # 3 – Regular readers have bigger chances of getting accepted

When you find the right sites, take the time to be a constant visitor at first. Post insightful comments, share the blog’s articles to your contacts, and interact with the blog writers and other readers. It’s more likely for the blog owner to accept blog posts from people he/she knows.

Secret # 4 – It’s a must to follow instructions

The previous tip already gives you an idea what the blog is about. That makes it easier for you to follow the blog’s instructions for guest posting. Most blogs have this rule: submissions should have same or similar style or tone as the other published blog articles. And since you’re already a frequent visitor, you already know what particular tone to follow.

Secret # 5 – You need to be over-the-top useful

This is a no-brainer but still many guest posters fail at this. You need to provide extremely helpful pieces of advice that are not commonly found elsewhere. The blog owner would of course give priority to submissions that carry information that are not only new and relevant but also exceptionally practical.

Secret # 6 – The title can make or break your blog post

A catchy headline doesn’t only spell the difference between an article read and an article skipped. It also spells the difference between an approved blog post and declined submission. Make a great first impression with your title.

Secret # 7 – There’s room for narcissism in guest posting

It’s not your blog so don’t be too self-absorbed. Always remember, it’s another person’s blog and readers. Instead of telling blog owners how your blog post can help your business, enlighten them on how you can help theirs. Remember, it’s not always about you.

Secret # 8 – Your work doesn’t end after your post is publishedguest post

A published guest post is a reason to celebrate but it doesn’t end there. Visit the site from time to time to check out the comments. Be sure to respond to these and generate discussion and engagement. This will not only please the blog owner and the readers but also benefit you, the blog writer. It’s also a must to monitor the progress of your blog and find out if it drove traffic to your site, generated leads, and expanded your network.

Guest blog posting is a lot of work but with its numerous benefits you surely wouldn’t mind.

By Gary Messinger