Use of Pure Oxygen – fresh air for your skin

Use of Pure Oxygen – fresh air for your skin
The oxygen applied to the world of beauty is booming. This antioxidant treatment based on the use of pure oxygen, has jumped the health field to the table beauty centers, where it is used by more and more people to pamper your skin.

What is oxygen therapy?

One of the most common treatments in hospitals is oxygen masks applied when patients are in states of hypoxia, ie oxygen deficit in the organism caused by various respiratory problems. When applied in this way, oxygen is primarily considered a drug again, so it should be prescribed and administered by qualified personnel.

However, once again he has taken the leap into the world of medical aesthetics and not just in hospitals working with this gas. In recent years it has carved a niche in the beauty centers, where it has become a real alternative to botox or mesotherapy for skin care as it is a treatment that does not need to resort to surgery and it is completely painless, with little aggressive for our dermis.

Its proponents do not hesitate to say that is one of the best therapies to improve the tone and light skin , but its qualities can be further improved if combined with other alternative treatments, as is the case with aromatherapy .

Oxygen therapy is designed for many types of customers, since it is useful to treat various aesthetic problems ranging from skin with lots of wrinkles, dry or oily, mature or tired. This wide range is justified because oxygen provides hydration, promotes microcirculation, increases collagen production, helps to reduce the size of pores and regulates sebum secretion.