Van Oord Marine & Offshore Jobs & Careers

Van Oord Marine & Offshore Jobs & Careers

We are a Dutch family-possessed organization with 150 years of experience as a worldwide marine contractual worker. We esteem open correspondence with our customers and partners. Our organization culture is one of enterprise and connected with representatives. We think and act with duty and spotlight on the long haul.

As a worldwide marine contractual worker, we center around digging, land foundation in the Netherlands, seaward wind and oil and gas framework. We work intently and securely with our customers and partners to make imaginative and reasonable arrangements.

Our motivation and mission have four principle drivers. The developing total populace needs more space. Sea transport requires as good as ever foundation. Environmental change requests better beach front security. The interest for vitality is developing and a sustainable power source framework is basic to giving the vitality expected to what’s to come.

Our association is proficient and devoted, with a solid spotlight on cooperating in groups and with customers to accomplish the best outcomes. We are a learning organization that continually endeavors to improve. We accept that shared regard is the way to trust and collaboration.

We are serious and we are set up to challenge one another. We are adaptable, and we adjust to new economic situations. We do this by facing capable challenges and by ceaselessly improving our business measures so our customers get the best worth. Our point is to guarantee the drawn out coherence and development of our business.