Velesto Energy Drilling Jobs | Malaysia 2024

Velesto Energy Drilling Jobs | Malaysia 2024

VELESTO ENERGY BERHAD is a Malaysia-based worldwide supplier of penetrating for the upstream area of the oil and gas industry.

In our penetrating administrations business, aside from our headquarters in Malaysia, we likewise have experience working in different pieces of South East Asia, giving boring administrations to investigation, improvement and creation wells with our armada of seaward boring apparatuses.

Velesto Energy Berhad is likewise a supplier of workover administrations through its armada of water powered workover unit (HWUs).

Velesto Energy Berhad can offer the administrations referenced above through its great armada which comprises of six (6) completely claimed premium lift boring apparatuses (Naga 2, Naga 3, Naga 4, Naga 5, Naga 6, and Naga 8), and four (4) HWUs (Stride 1, Walk 2, Step 5 and Walk 6).

These apparatuses are intended to fulfill the new needs of the business. In that capacity, with our boring abilities, Velesto Energy Berhad can bring first class administration and have a good worldwide presence.

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