If the fundamental nutrients are not present in our diet we run the risk of problems such as dry skin, hair loss, feeling tired or nervous problems as states cranky imbalance or lack of vitality. It is necessary to take daily minerals and vitamins. Vitamins must be provided through the diet, since the human body is not able to develop them for yourself. One exception is vitamin D, which can be formed in the skin with sun exposure, and K, B1, B12 and folic acid, which are created in small amounts in the intestinal flora. With a balanced diet rich in fresh and natural products, we will have all the necessary vitamins without requiring any additional input in the form of supplements or herbal pharmacy. Increased biological needs require an increase of these substances, as in certain stages of childhood, pregnancy, lactation and in old age. The risk of snuff snuff consumption, alcohol or drugs in general causes more expense of some vitamins, so in these cases may require supplementation. We should note that most of the synthetic vitamins can not replace the functional, ie, those contained in food or extracted from natural products (yeast, wheat germ, etc.). In the event that the vitamin doses are not right, it is the body itself that alerted by various signals a lack of one or more vitamins. The most characteristic symptoms are apathy, insomnia, poor appetite, irritability, stress and ease to catch infections, among others. Vitamin Needs If not lacking in our diet whole foods and fresh produce and raw is really hard to get to have a state vitamin deficiency. When it comes to weight loss should especially monitor the intake of vitamin B2 and folic acid. It is advisable to eat vegetables in abundance. It is useful to also take a serving of raw food in the form of salads or fruits. It is not good to suppress the consumption of oils. If we lack the essential fatty acids will cause and accelerate the aging of our cells.