Ways to Check Benefits for Social Security

Benefits for Social Security are an important part of any retirement plan. Your Social Security benefits can add to your income and help you either pay bills or travel. You should always know every aspect of your Social Security file so you will know that all the work you have done is credited. If you find anything wrong, you should take care of it immediately. Doing this will save you time later and a lot of headaches. Checking your Social Security once a year should be a priority. However, many do not because they do not know how, but if you continue to read, you will find out.

By simply filling out an online form, you can find out what your eligible for in Social Security benefits. The few minutes it takes will tell you how much you are eligible to receive when you retire, which will help you with planning for the future. The form is made up of simple questions most people know from memory like your age, address, name and Social Security number. Other questions will be about payments you have made toward the Social Security program and your work history. Depending on whether you are married or have in the past been married, you may be ask questions about any former spouses or your current spouse and their work history.

Once your eligibility for Social Security benefits has been determined, you will be able to use the handy online calculator to find out how much you will get when you retire.

Even though the SSA or Social Security Administration always keeps detailed information about your benefits, the only thing you will get from the calculator will be an estimate. The site can only give you an estimate of what you would receive should you start drawing benefits today. The three numbers the calculator will give you will include what you are eligible to get at the ages of 62, 65 and 70. These estimates are based on the information that is currently on file with the SSA.

Many people just are not comfortable sending personal information via the internet, and some are not even comfortable with using a computer. If you or someone you know are like this, it is possible to contact the local Social Security office either on the phone or in person. Someone in the office will be happy to give you assistance with finding out the estimate of your benefits. You can also find out the address of the SSA and write a request for a statement of eligibility. The statement you receive will show you the credits you have paid, and the amount you can expect to receive upon retirement. You can find the SSA’s contact information by either going online or looking in the blue pages of any phone book.Social-Security-Card-With-Cash-in-Hands

It does not matter what age you are, what is important is that you start planning for your retirement right away. Figure up what you need to meet all financial obligations, then make good investments so you can reach those goals. Issues of financial planning and investments can be confusing and overwhelming, but having a qualified, professional financial planner, will help you greatly. Financial advisors will give you advice, answering all questions and guide you towards making good decisions. By doing this, you will be looking at a stress free retirement. Give us a call today if you need help with financial planning.

By Don Dana