What careers have higher wages

Higher-wages jobs
Higher-wages jobs

What careers have higher wages
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paid jobs are mainly in medical careers. Careers in law, engineering and flight also part of the best-paid occupations.


Surgeons usually the highest paid in the field of medicine, with more than $ 200,000 annually. The salary, however, comes with an added pressure because their work determines the life or death of patients. The most common medical career is that of a primary care physician, a general practitioner who performs routine checkups to make sure patients who are having a healthy lifestyle. Another important field of medicine is psychiatry. A career as a
psychiatrist can result in having an annual salary of US $ 154,000. The main functions consist of a psychiatrist diagnosis of mental illness and treatment. The average medical profession in general, salary is more than $ 150,000 a year.


The field of law provides occupations as arbitrator, court reporter, judge, law clerk and examiner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of workers in this field is US $ 102,470 per year.


The engineering field can be divided into civil aerospace, mechanical, agricultural, biomedical, chemical, and computer. Annual salaries in this field range of the federal government were between US $ 75,144 and US $ 107,546. By 2016, it is expected that the engineering industry grow by approximately 11 percent.
According to CNBC, pilots earn an annual salary of about $ 120,000.


Note that these are average wage for the occupation, which comprise the entry-level workers, who typically receive lower pay and those who have worked many years in the field.