What colors you say in a job interview

job interview dress color
job interview dress color

What colors you say in a job interview

Not only it comes to choosing the right suit, showing elegance and maturity. In addition, there will never be a second chance to change a first impression of who may be her new boss. Interviewers pay much attention to all aspects of a candidate for a position: from your work experience to the gestures when speaking and, of course, the dress is also a point to be evaluated. That is why the color is one of the key factors in this review, because evoke feelings and emotions relate to. Sites like firstaidforhealth.com made ​​a list of what that can mean:

Cafe: a neutral color that can evoke feelings of calm. It is a solid color that can be used in any interview.
Blue: convey feelings of calm and confidence. Especially the Navy, is another ideal neutral color that also conveys authority. And since it is a common favorite color, you may be pleased to interviewer. It also demonstrates capacity for teamwork.

Gray: evokes sophistication and neutrality. It can be used in a suit or dress it look powerful, but not dominant as does the black. Talk of a person with analytical and logical thinking.
Black: Despite its popularity, it is a color that represents authority, power and even drama. It is useful for law firms or senior executives. But it can be overwhelming in a relaxed working environment, as do see inaccessible and complicated person.
Red: transmits energy and passion, however, if it is a color very “squeaky” can carry a message of being very emotional . Ideally use in secondary elements such as a scarf or tie.
White: It is a good color for shirts and blouses. Conveys sincerity and simplicity, and adds a little shine without being too overwhelming. Indicates that the person is organized.
Purple: Expresses emotional balance, but must be careful not to use too much as it can demonstrate tired, too.
Yellow: Gives innovation and intelligence, but should be used with caution.
Orange is closely related with creativity but in excess, it can also denote anxiety.

More solids patterns The most important rule is to try not to be remembered for his attire, but his resume life. The idea is to use something that allows the interviewer to focus on their skills and abilities, rather than an extravagant style. For that, solid colors can help.

Neutral rather than brilliant textures and fabrics are also important. Also, try not to draw attention wearing shirts or pants satin, but you can use this material in some accessories. And even more importantly, of course, are the skills, experience and the answers to the questions asked should note that the right clothes can become a plus, to be different from the other candidates.

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