What factors are involved in the creative process

What factors are involved in the creative process
Yes, there are more creative than others. However, creativity can be developed with discipline, as is training in a gym. Creativity is inherent to all human beings. However, certain people are more likely to generate innovative solutions.

The American psychologist Ellis Torrance dedicated in the 60s a comprehensive study related to creativity, to the point where it is known as “the father of modern creativity.” In 1962 Torrance defined creativity as the process of discovering problems or gaps in information, forming ideas or hypotheses, test, modify and communicate results.

For Torrance, the factors involved in the creative process are:

The fluidity, which consists in producing a large number of ideas.

The flexibility that has to do with producing ideas, but with variety.

The development , related to embellishment or improvement of those ideas.

The originality associated with rare and unusual ideas.

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Since beginning Torrance study analyzing the creative ability have been many studies that have concluded that it is possible to develop creativity, because “the muse” PURE arise if attention to the production of certain idea is focused on a target. Hence the importance of knowing and handling techniques to bring out ideas that can be turned into action.