What is fitness

Keys to Fitness
The fitness programs should follow some regularities so you can benefit from the adjustment made by the body in response to the exercise stimulus. But … what is it and what are the keys to fitness are?

It is common to see many people struggling beyond desirable and yet not obtain the expected results.

Some tips to keep in mind
The adaptations to the stimulus or training load, they begin to be more or less permanent and visible from three weeks as long as you have not interrupted for any reason your workplan.

To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. In other words, you need to diet.

For there are visible results , the training load must be optimal. This means that the muscular and cardiovascular system must have worked under certain conditions of “crisis”, ie you have to feel a certain workload on your body, but that does NOT mean you have to exhaustion, because it is also harmful.

If you want to tone , reshape your body, style, the best workout is the brawn.
To improve your fitness , whether to lose weight, tone up or train your physical condition should increase the load each, at least two or three weeks. For example, if you ran 15 minutes three times a week, you should increase to 20 minutes, then 25 and so on, always up to a limit, then you should change your exercise or combine it with another.

Flexibility is also part of a process of fitness and need to train like strength or aerobic exercise.