What Kinds of Pre-Employment Assessment Programs Can Companies Use?

It has always been important for companies to have strong recruitment practices and employ the right kind of individuals for the job. Companies and human resource managers need to ensure that the prospective candidates that they are about to hire have a prober person-job fit and a prober person-organization fit. This means, that the prospective candidates should be qualified enough to perform the task that they are being hired for, and their values should match the values of the organization they are about to be hired in. often, managers find themselves employing people who do not agree with the values that are present in an organization, which leads to a lot of conflicts in the work place.

In order to avoid any such situations, and to make sure that the employee who is about to be hired, is an asset for the company, companies carry out pre-employment assessments of the applicants they have shortlisted for employment. There are different kinds of pre-employment assessment tests and programs that organizations can choose for their recruitment process. It’s important to remember that every test gives different results and there is no best test that will assess a candidate perfectly.

Some companies carry out personality tests of their applicants. These pre employment personality assessments help managers get an idea of the personality and styles of different applicants. This assessment is necessary when a company needs a specific personality for a certain job task. There are some personalities that perform better in some job situations than others, thus a personality test will help managers find out which personality is better suited for the job he/she is being given. MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) is the most popular and comprehensive personality test that organizations can use to find out about an individual’s personality.

Another kind of pre-employment assessment test includes the job knowledge test. This kind of test gives employers an insight into whether or not the candidate of the job has the necessary knowledge, and general knowledge, about the job and industry he/she is being hired in. these tests can be carried out verbally, through a subjective test, or through a multiple choice test. These tests will not only help managers find out if an individual has the necessary knowledge, but also find out if any further training might be required after the individual is given the job offer and appointed for the job.

Some jobs require physical activity; therefore a physical fitness test will be required for the candidates of that particular job. Those candidates who are given field jobs, construction jobs etc will probably need to undergo such a test to attain employment for the job.

Apart from that, there are medical pre- employment assessments, drug tests and even background checks that are tests carried out by companies, with or without the knowledge of the employee, to find out if they are suitable to be hired in the company.

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