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What should a good broker? 5 Helpful Tips

What should a good broker? 5 Helpful Tips

Listening is the key to customer service.

Good question. Here are worth issues like, how good agent for ?, For issuing or receiving calls ?, What type of calls has to attend: complaints, orders, fault management, sales …?

Such questions are not necessary, because whatever the service need to be covered, what distinguishes a good agent one that is not is simple: a good broker is one who knows how to listen.

Listening is not the same as hearing , can be a long time in conversation with a customer, and hang up without knowing what needed or in the case of sales, without knowing why have not purchased the product.

Hearing is a physiological, unconscious and involuntary ability of our body that allows us to capture a series of waves and transform: reactive attitude.

Play is a personal attitude voluntary, conscious and that is to focus attention on another person with the intention to actively participate in a process of communication: interactive attitude.

That said, we list five useful tips to learn to listen and pay attention to quality customer:

1. A good broker should know who is talking to the best seller of your company :

Only your hand can succeed. If we have this clear, it’s a good start. The importance of word of mouth is a fact. If a customer is satisfied with our services, will be our best business when talking about us, and you never know where to hide our next customer ….

2. Treat every call as unique.

The agent should be able to “disconnect” from his previous call, and treat the following as the first call of the day.

3. Leave argue customer calmly .

As we look at our “toolbox” that we will use for you, knowing that every client is different and each must use what best suits him.

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4. Let him know that we understand your need and you’re talking to the right person.

Using non-verbal communication , our voice (intonation, articulation, voice) firmly in our argument, rhythm management of the call.

5. Summarize .

Mental way to structure what the speaker is saying leverage their breaks, leaving us with the most important ideas.

If we follow these little guidelines, secure we will be approaching a little closer to our goal: Empathize with the customer.

The quality of customer service is essential for the proper functioning of the company, if they are not satisfied with the treatment received, will go elsewhere where they do feel valued, and given the range of possibilities offered by the current market, it is best not to risk it.

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