What to say in a job interview

What to say in a job interview
You are wanting to get that job you’re so interested but first must overcome a job interview where you know your partner will analyze word for word what you say, looking for something that makes you noted positively or negatively over the other candidates.

In this situation it is important to have very clear two fundamental aspects of the interview: on the one hand, the questions that will make you and the other, which communicate whenever you reply.

Verbal language
begins to demonstrate your interest in the job offered from your entry at which to hold the interview. No tutees to your partner until he asks for you and show yourself friendly but brief and concise throughout the presentation.

Throughout the talk, answers all questions with more than an affirmation or denial. Use prepared statements with arguments to prove you’re capable of nuances in your expression. But never resort to big words or do not use regularly, you’ll only look fake eyes of those who do not know you.

We also recommend the following:

Of course, avoids the use of crutches and hoses in your speech. Do not say anything good about your ability to express and your culture! And if you do not want to look like a person inflexible character not use adverbs like “never” or “always”. Decántate more ambiguous meaning words such as “often” or “sometimes”.

During the interview your partner will use different types of questions to assess your answers your attitude. Show him from the first moment you interested in the position offered and do not want to work only for money, but adopts a natural attitude halfway between fall show “desperate” to get it and be arrogant.

Throughout the talk never ramblings on your answers, or allow your interviewer that you take that route. Always be specific and sincere, demonstrating consistency with everything you put on your resume.

Two responses to avoid if you want to get a good result in the interview politely rejects all questions about your privacy and your previous jobs and bosses. Just looking discretion checking your grade!

When preparing your interview, be aware that you will be asked questions on your personality, hobbies, knowledge, experience and ability working relationship.

Your interviewer expects you to answer these questions without doubt, consistently and with very clear what your “strengths” that can offer the company. Also expected to let him keep the pace of the interview and you do not make as important as asking for your salary or vacation at the first hurdle errors. Take it as a negotiation and looks at the most opportune time to bring it up to have very clear what you expect in this regard.

Remember that consistency, sincerity and a good command of verbal language will be key to overcoming your future job interviews.

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