Where to Find Free WiFi on your travels

Enable international data rates may cause us great financial trouble, you never know what
you’re spending and expose yourself to astronomical bills. For these situations, and when we
reach the limit of our fee or want to download large files, I discovered the best ways to find
free WiFi.

Great hospitality chains

It is becoming increasingly common in cafes or restaurants with some international air free
WiFi is offered, but there are two that have a massive presence in the world: Starbucks Coffee
Company and McDonald’s . The good thing about these multinationals is that almost a quarter of
the world, so that even without having located a facility, you can avail any of their names
archiconocidos to tell us the location of one nearby. The free WiFi is present in almost all
occasions and requires no registration of any kind.

Other hospitality chains which often have WiFi, aunq ue not always, are: Dunkin ‘Donuts, Target
(US and Canadian supermarkets) and Burger King.

Airports and stations

There are many airports across the globe which is free WiFi and free (Bologna, Tokyo Narita),
but many others only allow us access into fractions of time (Frankfurt – 30 min), after which
you must pay to continue connection. Then there are those where you pay directly, such as
Shoenefeld (Berlin). For a list of free and conditions as to find free WiFi hotspots, it is
best to visit the wififreehotspot . Also large train stations can offer these services.

A good trick to stay connected to any network that restricts our access after a while, change
the MAC address of your device, so that the pr oveedor think it’s a new device. An application
with this objective Wireless Mac Address Changer is not foolproof but is a good resource.


The hotel chains such as Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Silken or Petit generally also provide,
free WiFi and free access. The quality and speed of the connection does not have to be worse
than a WiFi connection fee for any hotel. In fact, the connection of many hotels is giving you
a key for one or more days, and more than once you activate your promotions or tabs to your
Facebook page, being quite invasive.

Of course, depending on the coun s are more likely to find free WiFi at hotels, airports and
other businesses. The travel website Kayak , offers a study (via rottenwifi.com ) where he
points out the 10 best and 10 worst cities to find free WiFi. The champion is Sweden.

WiFi Finder App

Other possible sites are free WiFi public libraries, chain gyms, and Apple stores, but a very
practical solution is to download the app for Android WiFi Finder App . Once you install the
app, download the maps of the world, and so It is able to operate “offline”. It also allows you
to specify a location in the world and access information in advance.

If all else fails, I’m afraid we can only turn our data connection and pray that our supplier
is compassionate. Of course, all the upstream provider owers offer international data rates are
always cheaper to activate without data.

Do you have other solutions? Do you know any other WiFi Hotspot to assist us?