Where to invest in 2015

Where to invest in 2015
Mutual funds, bonds, real estate … experts recommend you the best options to get your savings profitability.

The lines of force of 2015

The year that begins now will be another good year for stocks. Preferred follows the American, German and … the Ibex! The fixed income continues discouraged unless it is in some emerging issuers. Also Rises real estate, especially outside of Spain.

The market attraction

Stock markets continue attracting the interest of investors in 2015. In the US, by the provisions of strengthening American leadership. In Europe, for the promise of ECB debt purchases that could improve the potential of European shares 10%.

Ended what was given

Bad times for fixed income. Interest rates remain low, cheapened by the expansionary monetary policy of the ECB. If you had to buy something better debt peripheral countries such as Spain and Italy, and emerging. And if it comes to corporate debt, choose large companies.

We also recommend following:

As if there were no

Commodities have gone from a market characterized by supply-side commanded by demand. In 2015 there will be plenty of mineral oil and therefore prices will continue to fall. Does the advice of experts? Until there is no upturn, it is best to stay away.

The return of property

Paradoxes of the market, the real estate product return strongly in Europe as a star investment heat than it already begins to consider a possible bubble, which also extends to local and malls.