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why didnt get a job


why didnt get a job
Often an employer will not tell if you do not get a┬ájob, and you’ll wonder what you did wrong. Many employers often tell people that they “hired someone more qualified,” which may be true in some cases. However, often this is the phrase used to hide the real reason he did not get the job.

Here are some reasons you might want to check out:

Lack of preparation
Did everything in their power to find out information about business operations of the employer before the interview?
Did you practice answers to the questions the employer may ask?
Did you talk too much or too little?
Employment History
Did he tell the truth?
Did you explain the periods without work between different jobs?
Is your curriculum vitae?
I gave references to support your work history?
Education / training skills
If you did not have the background the employer says is needed, you had an adequate level of education and job training that could have presented?
Was it realistic?
Will was flexible and willing to “get” promotions and salary increases?
Did you consider benefits such as insurance, company car or training opportunities or training?
Excessively qualified
Did you express a definite interest in the company?
Did you indicate specific skills that would apply to this job?
Did you need to generalize your resume?
Frequent job changes
Does your work record consist of many temporary jobs? (Exceptions may be mentioned or temporary
summer jobs between class periods.)
Was flexible and realistic? For example, the work of retailing and marketing often require frequent transfers.
You said he was willing to travel if necessary?
Unoccupied long
Did you work in unusual or temporary jobs while looking for work? If so, list the jobs to show their willingness to work.

Have you tried sincerely to continue their education or diversify your knowledge?
Did he mention the relevant skills they received in previous work?
Clash of personality?
Would you disliked the interviewer from the outset? (Perhaps this is not the place where you can work productively.)
Did you indicate personality conflicts on previous jobs indicating a reluctance to work cooperatively?
Potential promotions
Did you emphasize that you are a trustworthy person, willing to work hard and be used for a long time?
Did intelligent and probing questions that show a genuine interest in the business of the employer?
Did you use an adequate level of language?
Did you speak clearly and answered fully and concisely?
Did you avoid arguments?
Good presence
Did it look your best?
Are presented Grooming and appropriate dress?
Did you get to the interview on time (or before the scheduled time)?
If you were unavoidably detained, did you make a subsequent call to give a reasonable explanation?
Did you leave your problems at home? (Family conflicts, minor illnesses, transportation
problems or economic)
Were you prepared for a possible “stressful” interview in which the employer deliberately trying to provoke your anger to judge their effectiveness in dealing with your customers?
Did you remember your manners (he said “please” and “thank you”)?
Did you send a thank you for the interview after the interview is completed?
If not hired, you may have reason to believe that was due to a discriminatory attitude of the employer. Certain types of discrimination are prohibited by local, state and federal laws.

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