Why Some Believe Bush Is Still The One To Blame

While President George W. Bush has been out of office for over four years now, it appears that Americans have still not forgotten how his term affected the economy. In a recent poll, more than two thirds of American citizens still blame Bush for how the American economy is today. They feel that he is responsible for what we are still experiencing in the way of economic difficulty.

Though President Obama has had his share of rough moments in his presidency, it appears that Americans are much more likely to blame Bush than Obama. Around 69% of Americans feel that the current administration is not to blame for the difficulties that we are facing. In fact, many adamantly agree that Bush is the sole person to blame. The vast majority believe that he holds a major responsibility for what is happening with the economy.

In trying to avoid the blame game, some realize that both Obama and Bush have had their moments that could be attributed to a rough economy. With 35% blaming Bush alone and only 19% blaming Obama, it is clear that more Americans are still stuck believing that the George W. Bush years are still holding us back.

According to the latest information, the Republicans are working hard to present a plan that would balance the budget within the next ten years. The Democrat’s plan does not offer that same deadline, but many believe that the Republican plan is much too harsh and will place deficit cuts on the poor, by cutting the programs that they rely on the most.

Though we could all sit back and try to come up with rational reasons why each president is to blame, it could simply be that there are a variety of people and situations to blame. The truth is that we did not get here overnight and we certainly are not going to get out overnight either. To fix things, there are going to have to be changes made through the jobs market. If we are to truly see improvement in the economy, we need more jobs available and not only just jobs, but jobs that are truly beneficial for workers.

To avoid further economic issues in their own lives, many people are finding that they can overcome the issues that our country is facing by making their own way in the job market. They are not simply sitting back and waiting for opportunity, but are instead embracing new opportunities and even creating their own, by learning new skills and new trades.bush


If you are one of the people who is sick of sitting back and watching the world pass you by while the government seems content in making matters worse, today is your day to make a change. You can be free of the trappings of the working world and you can learn new skills that will allow you to see big changes in the opportunities that you have available.