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Why You left your last job – Difficult question job interview

Why You left your last job
Why You left your last job

Why You left your last job – Difficult question job interview

Responding to Difficult question of “Why You left your last job?”

They tend to be many and varied kinds of questions that recruiters job interviews to learn more about the candidates for the post, but the most common question is “Why did you leave your last job?” Or any of its varieties . 
In general, the person who is doing the job interview usually ask this question to make sure that the reasons you want to quit (or did) your most recent work are not things that happen again in this new work. While seeming to be a simple question, is also tricky because the totally honest answer usually is usually negative.

Here we are some tips to consider when responding:

– Give an honest answer, it is at least possible refusal If we are honest, the real reason you left or want to leave your last job it is because you do not like, do not like your boss, or can not stand the environment.. But you should never say that in an interview. However, all these negative reasons for wanting to quit your job can say positively (but without lying).

– Change the focus of your response to what your future employer can offer (vs. what the previous work did not give you) Another way to avoid being negative is shift the focus to what the new job / employer offers,. you did not get your old job. Investigate before the interview about the mission and values ​​of the company you are applying and name them.
– Be diplomatic The first rule you should always keep in mind when answering this question is the diplomatic keep.. Never speak badly about your former boss. If you do, you can assume that you will do the same when changing jobs again and company. Above all keep in mind that also looks unprofessional and is not appropriate in the context of a job interview.

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