Woodside Petroleum Oil and Gas Jobs Opportunities

Woodside Petroleum Oil and Gas Jobs Opportunities


Woodside is the pioneer of the LNG business in Australia and the biggest Australian flammable gas maker. We have a worldwide portfolio and are perceived for our reality class abilities as a coordinated upstream provider of vitality.

Woodside Petroleum Oil and Gas, Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company. Woodside Petroleum is searching for experienced people to fill job openings as engineers, line workers, electricians, dispatchers, nuclear and fossil plant operators, Customer service, Sales & marketing and Corporate. Woodside Petroleum is looking for highly qualified and experienced experts who like challenges and opportunities. Woodside Petroleum offers also opportunities for recent graduate.

Over our oil and gas portfolio, we have huge value interests in top notch advancement openings in Senegal (SNE), Myanmar, Canada (Kitimat) and Timor-Leste/Australia (Dawn). We are seeking after new ideas and innovation to empower savvy commercialisation of these assets. We have a reestablished investigation plan with an increasingly engaged and sharp methodology crosswise over built up, rising and future development center points in Australia, Myanmar, Senegal, Gabon, Peru and Bulgaria.

We keep on extending our abilities in showcasing, exchanging and delivering and have suffering connections that length 30 years with establishment clients all through the Asia-Pacific area.

Innovation and development are basic to our long haul supportability. Today we are spearheading remote help and the use of man-made brainpower, installing progressed examination over our tasks while perceiving advanced security issues. We are attempting to improve our vitality productivity and to help the utilization of LNG as a low-discharges and financially suitable fuel.

Woodside exhibits solid wellbeing and natural execution in the entirety of its activities. We are focused on maintaining our estimations of trustworthiness, regard, discipline, brilliance, working economically and cooperating. Our prosperity is driven by our kin, and we plan to pull in, create and hold a different, high-performing workforce.

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Woodside Petroleum Company Benefits

Woodside Petroleum remuneration consists of base pay and performance awards. Additional financial benefits include stock option plan, a distribution of benefits, pension and 401 (k) plan. Health, dental and vision care reimbursement accounts, family leave and medical disability are also provided. A variety of other benefits which include a resource center, child care, tuition reimbursement and paid time, to name a few, offers a balance of work / life.