Child Care Jobs in the City of London

Child Care Jobs in the City of London

London is not just the capital city of England and one of the most historical and fascinating cities in the world, it is also a centre of many different trades and industries and plays an integral part in both European and worldwide economics.

The name ‘London’ comes from its original Latin name ‘Londinium’, given to the city by Roman invaders in the 9th century. Originally, the capital city of England was Colchester, but this changed after the departure of the Romans and subsequent settling of the Saxons. Thanks to its location on the River Thames, London became the centre for many industries and trades as it was easy to travel into and around it via boat. London has been known for centuries as the place where people in the UK go to in order to make their fortune and today it is still full of people of all walks of life working hard in their chosen industries.

Nowadays, London is home to over 1 million businesses, despite losing several thousand during the recession and is the European centre for many billion-pound blue chip companies. London is made up of 32 boroughs with the City of London, otherwise known as the ‘Square Mile’, or simply ‘The City’ at its heart. It may have only have a population of around 7000 residents (according to the 2011 Census), over 316,700 people work there, mainly commuters from the other boroughs of London and surrounding counties, such as Surrey and Kent. The majority of people working in The City work in the financial sector, with jobs in accounting and, primarily, banking. The City of London may only be a fraction over a square mile (hence the nickname), but it is one of the most influential parts of the entire country and is the financial centre, not only for the UK, but for the rest of the world. Despite suffering one of the most devastating recessions in history, which the country is still recovering from, the UK still remains a world leader in the financial industry.

Much like the rest of the city, the City of London is becoming increasingly diverse and multi-cultural. As one of the most integral financial sectors of the world, the City of London houses several international banks and financial service companies. This means that there is more potential for international business connections and opportunities for people who can speak more than one language to work for a translation agency and assist communications. The financial industry is not just an excellent field to get into if you want to learn and develop both new and existing skills but there is a wide range of potential avenues that your career path can take. There are opportunities to meet people from different countries and cultures and gain knowledge, experience and skills that are transferable to other industries should you wish to try a different career path. Although people may automatically think of number-crunching when you mention the financial industry, a large part of it is actually business-to-business and business-to-client communication. Most people from countries outside of the UK do speak very good English as their second language but it is not only courteous to be able to at least exchange pleasantries in a client or business partner’s mother tongue but having a colleague with conversation-to-fluent skills in a second language can help to prevent miscommunications and a potential ‘faux pas’.


The advantage of working in London but in particular in the City of London is the convenience that comes with it. Thanks to its public transport systems including buses and overground and underground trains, London is not only quick and easy to get in and out of but it is also easy to travel around the different districts. The surrounding districts are full of things to do and places to eat, whether you are grabbing breakfast on the go or entertaining a new business partner. If you decide to work in the financial sector, the City of London is full of potential for both work and play.

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