Would you be a good business consultant?

Would you be a good business consultant?
The activity of any enterprise inevitably depends on sales, whether for products, services or  both. It is one of the main areas, which come from the benefits to the effects of the crisis, which translates into books in a drop in sales and consequently income. Therefore, there is a door that should be well guarded and supported, which gives an idea of the importance of trade, training and experience within an organization. Until recently when we heard the word trade came to mind the figure of the dreaded seller able to coax your business loquacity in person or by telephone to sell a service, yes, high added value that the company does not need to excuse
that simply make you the easiest business.

But the reality today is quite different. The concept of shopping has changed in all sectors, also in the vehicle leasing. It has ceased to be the position for which “any better”, that “one man band” for the training involved a secondary condition. Now there is no choice; must become a true professional trained and qualified, or not only will not succeed, but it will hurt your

The business consultant is and must be the person representing the company image in front of customers, a reference who can ask all the questions and situations that occur and in many cases will be related to issues that go beyond mere business transaction. Therefore, and contrary to what it may seem, the trade should listen more than talk; in most cases worthless I can say otherwise perfectly understands customer needs. Moreover, it will be detrimental to the client-company relationship.

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Thus, a good business consultant must be proactive, able to anticipate as far as possible to the needs of the customer, because you must know as much as he is known and, importantly, should convey confidence. Undoubtedly, you will need knowledge of market, law, economics and even, sometimes, Psychology, to empathize with the needs of your customer, providing the appropriate response in each case. In short, you need training.

It is not easy or quick: the trade should, in addition to the above, and to describe the benefits of their products dominate key issues such as the different products available, the types of contracts, taxation or analysis of technical and operational exposures to its direct competition. You should also be aware of specialized content related to financial analysis, management controls and master new technologies.

Only then can react and respond appropriately, quickly and accurately to the problems referred to it by the client, and also be able to bring new and better solutions to the client nor have contemplated. Needless to say that fire satisfaction rates of those who trust in the company and thus their loyalty. That’s the goal.

In the end, like everything else, the acquisition of knowledge and experience require time and money. Businesses should be aware of this, that a good trade , plus the most value and security for the future, represents much effort and resources invested. Must assess the powerful asset that ends up becoming. In this sense, training is the most profitable investment you can make a company.